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Use WordPress to Build your Website

How often are you updating the content on your Website? If that question prompts you to think about a neglected blog or even about starting a blog, that’s great, but putting fresh content on your site can be about much more than a blog. Fresh content could include a white paper, a press release, an […]

Aristotle and Social Media

What can we learn from Aristotle about social media? Of course Aristotle isn’t around to tell us exactly what he might think of the ways in which we use sites and services like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or even email, but there is something vital in his Poetics that we would do well to recall even […]

Working with the Cr-48 Google Chrome Pilot Notebook

I’ve been using the Google’s Cr-48 for about two weeks now, and have to say that I’m mostly impressed.  While it’s not a powerful computer, it is a fine web machine.  The chiclet-style keyboard works well and responds decently to my typing – though I get the impression that the keyboard on my Lenovo laptop […]

How to use Social Media to Grow your Market

The popularity of media on demand means it’s harder than ever to get your message to potential new clients. Cable TV, Netflix, MP3 players, iTunes, all that stuff adds up to creating a kind of insular experience for people when they’re looking for entertainment. The problem is that while entertainment used to be one of […]

How to write an effective Tweet

KNOW YOUR LIMITS Before you can write an effective Tweet, you’ve got to know the basics:  Twitter gives you just 140 characters to get your message across.  That’s characters, not letters, so the limit includes spaces, hashtags (#) and links to your website, your blog, or an online article, etc.  Getting an entire message into […]

Your responsibility as a copywriter.

Being a copywriter doesn’t just mean writing original copy for your clients.  Sometimes the job of the copywriter is to review a client’s existing copy and see if the message conveyed by their words matches the sentiments and ideas they share with you in a conversation.  Often times, there’s a vast vacuity between the ideas […]